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Your Questions (hopefully) Answered

How does a student become involved with the G/T program?

Our program exists at the 1st and 2nd grade levels based on teacher classroom enrichment. It is not until 3rd grade that formal testing takes place. This year, all 3rd grade students in the district will have the opportunity to be tested for the G/T program. During the first month of school, parents will receive a note and a permission-for-testing form. For interested students of other grade levels, a permission test form can be requested through the classroom teacher or by calling the G/T office (918-246-1454). The classroom teacher is a valuable resource for any parent considering testing for their child.

What test is given?

Our district uses the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test. It is one of several that is recognized by the state for the purpose of identifying students. A 97th percentile ranking is required for a student to be automatically admitted to the G/T program.

Must a student be tested?

To qualify for the G/T program, a student must have a documented score from a state-recognized ability test. However, if you do not wish for your child to participate in the testing and qualifying process, you may opt out by returning the permission form indicating your decision.

How often are students tested?

Students may qualify for the program at anytime in their school career. Once a student tests into the G/T program, he/she remains in the program without any further testing.

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If my child qualifies, what does this mean for them?

A qualifying score on any of the accepted tests is a measure of potential achievement for your child. This does not always translate into academic success but most of our district’s G/T students have high abilities in one area or more. The program strives to support the student in his/her varied interests and needs, recognizing that such abilities are well outside the norm. At the elementary level this support is provided in a pull-out program, 2 hours weekly. Secondary G/T students are serviced by pre-AP and AP offerings. There is also a G/T elective for students in the 6th and 7th grades.

What does the elementary G/T program involve?

At the elementary level we focus on problem solving activities, whether it be brainteasers, mysteries, real life issues, or manipulative puzzles. Each year we also have a specific unit of study that provides a framework from which the students can explore. As with any class, our focus is on the emotional, social, and academic well-being of our students. What to know more about this pull out program? Check out our class website: http://sandites-esp.weebly.com