NIEA College and Career Readiness Webinar

Attention parents, students and educators! Are you or someone you know preparing for college? Or are you currently in college and want to learn more or share your experiences? For tips and information from experts, please join NIEA and a panel of Native higher education organizations from our Native education community for a lively and informative webinar. We will discuss each panelists' respective organization, the work that they do, any resources they provide, and how they help to prepare Native students for college and their future career goals.

When: Friday, March 22, 2019

Where: Webinar Event - Registration

Time: 2 pm EST 

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Education and Training will be giving outstanding Muscogee (Creek) students formal wear for this prom season. Students can apply on the Dept. of Education and Trainings webpage or through the link below. Students will be notified within two weeks of application submission. If you have any questions in regards to this application, please call (918)732-7743 or (918) 549-2963.


The Cherokee Nation Foundation is offering a free, ONE-day ACT Boot Camp to high school students who are citizens of a federally recognized tribe. (11th & 12th grades will be accepted first, lower grades are welcome if space is available. Preference will be given to Cherokee Nation citizens.)

*Date:Saturday, March 30, 2019 *Time:9:00 AM – 3:30 PM *Location:Sequoyah HS Gym- Rec. Room

Thisworkshopisfreeofchargetoyou.Youwillbeprovidedwithaworkbookthatyouwillusethroughoutthe workshop. You are required to be registered for the April 2019 ACT or be attending the ACT at your high school, and agree to be on time and stay for the entireworkshop.

The Cherokee Nation Foundation will:

  • Provide a certified Mastery Prep Instructor & ACT Boot campmanual.

(No materials may be sold or used in a paid workshop without permission.)

To be considered, students must complete each of the following requirements:

  • 1.Submit the most recent OFFICIAL ACT score report with yourapplication.
  • 2.Be registered for the National April ACT (deadline to apply without a late fee is March 8) or attending the state ACT at your high school, and submit a copy of their admissionticket.
  • 3.Attend the entire workshop, you are not allowed to leaveearly.
  • 4.Sign and return the “Release of Records” form with yourapplication.
  • 5.Submit a copy of your CDIB card with yourapplication.

Student Information:


StudentName(Print) High School /Grade

Current ACT score (Please attached a copy of your official score report)

Student email (Use one that is checked frequently, this is how you will be notified if you have been accepted to attend the workshop)

*Are you registered for the April ACT?

  • rYes (Please attach a copy of your admissionticket)
  • rNo (You must be registered for the April 2019 ACT to attend this workshop or be in 11th grade & attending the ACT at your highschool.)
  • rI am in 11th grade and plan to take the state ACT at my highschool.


By signing this form, you agree that your child may register for this workshop and will abide by the terms described. You also agree to share official ACT scores with the Cherokee Nation Foundation.


ParentSignature Parentemail PhoneNumber

Release of Records

I(parent or guardian) hereby authorize Cherokee Nation Foundation (CNF) or their agent or representative, to inspect, review and make copies, including photostatic copies or digital copies, of all records indicating official ACT test scorespertainingto(student) from the date of his or her first enrollment at their high school to their graduationdate.

Photostatic copies or digital copies of this authorization will be considered as valid as the original. CNF promises that these records are only used for donor and grant funding sources and all student information remains confidential.

Please initial if you give the Counselor or Registrar permission to send student records with official ACT scores to a Cherokee Nation Foundationrepresentative.

*If the student is UNDER the age of 18, use this signature block:


Signature of parent or guardian

Parent or guardian's name (please print) Dated:

*If student is over the age of 18 years, use this signature block:


Student signature

Student name (please print) Dated: 

Send your ENTIRE application to Jennifer Sandoval Fax: 918-207-0951 / E-mail: j.sandoval@cherokeenationfoundation.org Spaces are limited! Deadline to apply March 15