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Clyde Boyd Middle School

Staff List

(To contact any staff member via e-mail, use firstname.lastname@sandites.org -- ex. john.smith@sandites.org)


Administration Bivin, Ryan (e-mail)
Administration Ogle, Nancy (e-mail)
Administration Smith, JJ (e-mail)
Counselor Holt, Elaine (e-mail)
Counselor Kinard, Amber (e-mail)
Counselor Thompson, Holly (e-mail)
Librarian Hatchett, Becky (e-mail)
Nurse Wright, Janell (e-mail)
Special Ed Wilkinson, Lori (e-mail)
Special Ed Wise, Ashley (e-mail)
Teacher Anderson, Rebekah (e-mail)
Teacher Abernathy, Janie (e-mail)
Teacher Baker, Debi (e-mail)
Teacher Baker, Oksana (e-mail)
Teacher Brown, Austin (e-mail)
Teacher Brown, Shelli (e-mail)
Teacher Brown, Carl (e-mail)
Teacher Burgess, Robin (e-mail)
Teacher Burke, Jennifer (e-mail)
Teacher Bush, Shauna (e-mail)
Teacher Cahwee, Dylan (e-mail)
Teacher Cannon, Christie (e-mail)
Teacher Caviness, Coy (e-mail)
Teacher Clark, Jamie (e-mail)
Teacher Cole, Kenneth (e-mail)
Teacher Crow, Brittany (e-mail)
Teacher Dale, Pamela (e-mail)
Teacher Davis, Rebecca (e-mail)
Teacher Dean, Cason (e-mail)
Teacher DePetris, Richard (e-mail)
Teacher Dunn, Cindy (e-mail)
Teacher Ehmke, Brad (e-mail)
Teacher Fix, Derek (e-mail)
Teacher Fleischman, Jay (e-mail)
Teacher Fletcher, Neely (e-mail)
Teacher Froeschle, Nora (e-mail)
Teacher Golightly, Tiffany (e-mail)
Teacher Green, Jan (e-mail)
Teacher Gulbrantson, Rosa (e-mail)
Teacher Harper, Barbara (e-mail)
Teacher Jackson, Kay (e-mail)
Teacher Johnson, Janet (e-mail)
Teacher Keho, Patty (e-mail)
Teacher Kelley, Bill (e-mail)
Teacher Kinser, Dale (e-mail)
Teacher Lacson, Jessica (e-mail)
Teacher Logsdon, Jeff (e-mail)
Teacher Luce, Densie (e-mail)
Teacher Lyles, Jeff (e-mail)
Teacher Moore, Anna (e-mail)
Teacher Moran, Candi (e-mail)
Teacher Morgan, Jared (e-mail)
Teacher Newkirk, Cecilia (e-mail)
Teacher Ramsey, Julianne (e-mail)
Teacher Sandberg, Jill (e-mail)
Teacher Schinnerer, Melody (e-mail)
Teacher Shipman, Hannah (e-mail)
Teacher Shipman, Austin (e-mail)
Teacher Shockley, Earl (e-mail)
Teacher Smith, Lowren (e-mail)
Teacher Starling, Laurie (e-mail)
Teacher Steffy, Naomi (e-mail)
Teacher Swart, Diane (e-mail)
Teacher Taylor, Mindy (e-mail)
Teacher Thayer, Sarah (e-mail)
Teacher Wayman, Cassandra (e-mail)
Teacher Webb, Matt (e-mail)
Teacher Whitney, Teri (e-mail)
Teacher Williams, Diane (e-mail)
Teacher Wright, Lisa (e-mail)
Title I Para Cowen, Maria (e-mail)
Title I Para Bridgforth, Denise (e-mail)
Title I Para Giron, Victoria (e-mail)
Title I Para Stuckey, Kerri (e-mail)
Title I Para Tilus, Ryan (e-mail)
Special Ed Para Hart, Joetta (e-mail)
Special Ed Para Johnson, Shawn (e-mail)
Special Ed Para Robbins, Sharon (e-mail)
Special Ed Para Sovine, Rebecca (e-mail)
Special Ed Para Witwer, Shelly (e-mail)
ISI Para Frost, April (e-mail)
Office Cowan, Amber (e-mail)
Office Criner, Renee (e-mail)
Office Hughes, Shonda (e-mail)
Office Newell, Teri (e-mail)
Office Stephens, Diane (e-mail)