A copy of this Agreement must be signed by both Parent and Student upon checking out a Chromebook Device

For a printed copy of this agreement, click here

In accordance with District Goals aligned with the success of our students, Sand Springs Public Schools will assign a Chromebook to each 9th & 10th Grade Student in the district. Each Chromebook will remain the property of the school district, and is for use of the student until the end of their Senior (12th Grade) year, at which time the Chromebook will be checked back in to the school. This 1:1 initiative seeks to:

  • Enhance teaching and learning by focusing on
    • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity & Innovation
  • Ensure equitable access to instructional technology
  • Improve student success through the integration of technology

In order to benefit from the use of this device, and to ensure the device is used in a safe, efficient and ethical manner, all 9th grade students and their parents are required to review and sign this document before receiving a Chromebook.

  • I will ensure the safety of the Chromebook issued to me and prevent negligent damage to the device.
  • I will not leave the device unattended or unsecure, so as to decrease the risk of theft.
  • I will not attempt to repair the device or make unauthorized modifications to the device and I will likewise adhere to the Expectations for Appropriate Use designated by the district.
  • I understand that the district is not responsible for any viruses that may be transferred to or from my personal data storage mediums, and agree to use my best effort to prevent damage to the device that would render it inoperable.
  • I will report, as soon as possible, any damage or problems with the device to the Repair Center in the CNGC Library.
  • I understand that as this is district property, it may be used only for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Sand Springs Public Schools District Policy, as well as local, state and federal laws.
  • I agree not to loan the device to anyone, and will use it for my own school use.
  • I understand that the Chromebook is the property of Sand Springs Public Schools, and as such my activity will be filtered and monitored in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to prevent the inappropriate use of the chromebook, whether at home or school.
  • To minimize damage, I agree to keep the Chromebook secure and protected when not in use.
  • I understand that both parent and student are responsible for returning the device in working condition upon request by the school district or upon graduation or withdrawal from the district.
  • If I deliberately damage, or through gross negligence, allow damage or theft of the Chromebook, I will be liable for replacement or repair and/or disciplinary action up to and including loss of computer use privileges.
  • I understand that the district offers an annual Chromebook Protection Plan to help offset the cost of accidental damage.
  • I understand that the district retains the right to obtain financial reimbursement from the borrower in the event of damage or loss to the Chromebook.
  • I agree to return the Chromebook, Charger, and accessories in good working condition at the end of my Senior Year.

Chromebook Agreement

______ I have received & reviewed the Chromebook Policy & Protection Plan and agree to the terms listed. Likewise, I agree to maintain the Chromebook by abiding by these policies.

______ I agree that the Chromebook listed below has been lent to me in good working order and it is my responsibility to ensure that it is returned in good working order.

Chromebook Insurance

________Yes, I would like to participate in the SCPP Insurance Program. I understand this program will reduce the cost for repair/theft that I may be subject to if the Chromebook on loan from the school is damaged or stolen. The costs of repair are described in detail on the reverse side of this form.

________No, I decline participation in the SCPP Insurance Program. I understand I will be financially responsible for the cost of all damage to the Chromebook or replacement cost in the event it is stolen, while checked out to my child.