Our sixth grade scientists are busy building filtration systems. This lesson covers how our kidneys cleanse our blood of toxins and transform waste into urine.
8 months ago, Sixth Grade Center
Kidney lesson (filtration systems)
Kidney lesson 2
Kidney lesson 3
These VIP students of the Week in Mrs. Newkirk’s Keyboarding class are OUTSTANDING!! Congratulations to Savannah Taylor, Bristol Gunn, Bella Scheuerman, and Vivian Farr. 👍✨👍
9 months ago, Cecilia Newkirk
Mrs. Jackson's GRIT classes are busy with their first community service project!
10 months ago, Sixth Grade Center
GRIT classes planting mums
GRIT classes planting mums.
The new school year is off to a great start for our sixth graders! These students had a blast starting the year with a scavenger hunt in Ms. Wright's math class.
10 months ago, SSPS Communications
Sixth Grade Scavenger Hunt