When is the last day to choose if I want to enroll in the Virtual Academy for a full-time virtual or blended schedule?

The sooner that we can get that commitment the better. We need to know what the numbers look like in order to make staffing decisions. The last day that we can get your commitment is August 13th...

What is blended for grades K-5?

What is blended for K-5 students? A blended education for K-5 students allows them to go to the school for their resource classes. The resource classes are Computer, PE, and Choir at all sites. We...

What is a blended Schedule for grades 6-12?

Blended for grades 6-12 is where students and families select the classes they want to attend at Clyde Boyd Middle School or Charles Page High School, and then they do the other classes through the...



Sand Springs Virtual Academy

Sand Springs Virtual Academy

about 1 month ago

All class of 2020 CPHS seniors need to check their email for their graduation ceremony time. view image

Sand Springs Public Schools

Sand Springs Public Schools

3 months ago

Sand Springs Public Schools would appreciate parent feedback on the Distance Learning program this spring during the COVID-19 crisi ...

Jay Rotert

Jay Rotert

about 1 year ago

Congratulations CPHS Class of 2019! These students in addition to completing at least one virtual course may have also completed co ... view image

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