Sand Springs Virtual Academy

Eligibility Expectations

Below is guidance on some of the most frequently asked about SSVA rules. For all rules and regulations regarding the Sand Springs Virtual Academy, please see the handbook.


Eligibility is pulled from virtual platforms on Thursday mornings.


Students must be passing all of their courses needed for graduation to attend the Charles Page High School Prom. During the week that ticket sales are occurring for prom, we will pull eligibility each afternoon at 2 p.m. to provide the prom committee with an updated list. If students feel that they should be the exception to this rule, they must talk to the Director of the Sand Springs Virtual Academy and receive a signed letter stating they are eligible to attend prom.


The Actual Grade is used to calculate eligibility for all school activities.


The Current Grade is used to calculate eligibility for all school activities.


For a Sand Springs Virtual Academy student to walk at graduation, they must be at least 70% completed with enough courses that they will be at 22 credits by 3 p.m. the Friday before graduation.

A student begins the second semester of their senior year at 20 credits. They will need 4 of their 7 classes to 70% completion by the Friday before graduation at 3:00 pm to be allowed to walk.