Limestone Technology Academy is in our sixth year of implementation with the OTISS Model.

We strive to address academic and behavioral outcomes on a daily basis. We utilize various strategies to provide interventions specific to student’s needs.

Our school will have 3 basic expectations: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe. These school-wide expectations will assist all students in achieving excellence.

What is OTISS?

The Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support (OTISS) is Oklahoma’s intervention model for identifying and addressing academic and behavioral difficulties that interfere with PreK-12 student success. This model was developed, and is currently supported, by the 2011 Oklahoma State Personnel Development Grant II (OK SPDG II), a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

OTISS’ primary goal is to improve student academic and behavioral outcomes using tiers of research based interventions matched to the needs and levels of students. Critical components of OTISS include: Leadership, Teaming, Professional Development, Universal Screening/Benchmarking, Tiered Interventions, Progress Monitoring, Data-Based Decision Making, and Family Engagement.

The OTISS framework uses the expertise of school professionals and parents in a proactive format that puts students’ needs first and bases decisions on data. Students are constantly monitored and those who fail to make adequate progress within an intervention tier are referred to an OTISS school site team to determine the next course of action.

While data collected as part of the OTISS process can contribute to the assessment and identification of students suspected of having learning disabilities (or other disabilities), OTISS is first and foremost a framework for providing comprehensive support to all students, minimizing the risk for long- term negative learning outcomes by responding quickly and efficiently to documented learning and/or behavioral problems.

Why should a school utilize OTISS?

In our ever-changing society, it is imperative that schools recognize the challenges inherent in meeting the diverse needs of Oklahoma students. Academic, social, and behavioral expectations are rising and the reality is that many students will require additional services in order to meet these rising expectations. The rigorous framework for student success established through OTISS ensures students experiencing difficulties are provided timely, and appropriate, interventions. Schools that implement OTISS with fidelity will see improvements in school climate, instructional quality and student outcomes.

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