Visiting Limestone

Due to Covid-19, we are limiting access into Limestone Technology Academy. This is for the safety of our students and staff. Guests and visitors will be required to call the office to request entrance, however, this will be done by appointment only. The office phone number is 918-246-1560. Once an appointment has been made, guests and visitors will be required to take their temperature and wear a mask.

On the first day of school, families will not be able to walk students into the building. Please plan accordingly to take pictures at your home. Teachers will take pictures throughout the day to help with the "First Day of School" memories. Our FABULOUS PTO has scheduled a photo 'booth' for teachers to take their students to and will share those pictures with you.

If you need to pick up/drop off your child, drop off an item (jacket, lunch box, etc), or come for an appointment, you will call the school phone number once you have arrived at the front door and someone will assist you.

Our main focus is on the safety of all students and staff. By limiting the number of people inside the building, we will cut down on the amount of exposure. Thank you for understanding and being patient with us during this time.