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A-F Report Card 2013

Sand Springs Schools   October 28, 2013 Dear Sandite Family, Last week our district received our first glance at the data for our A-F report cards. Please remember this data was collected from the spring testing window when districts experienced online testing disruptions leading to a substantial amount of test invalidations and retesting of students. Districts across the state have been given a 10 day window to verify the accuracy of the data that will contribute to the letter grade that districts receive.  It is more than fair to say that this has been a complicated process as our site leaders . . . read more

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Common Core Conundrum

This is what I know...

Common Core Conundrum? What is common core? This is what I know. I know it is about common standards along with common assessments for all kids. I know it will impact student graduation. I know it will impact student grade promotion. I know it will impact teacher evaluation. I know it will impact school site and school district report cards. I know it has been adopted by 46 states (some are having buyer’s remorse!). I know it is highly touted at the federal level by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. I know it is highly . . . read more

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Parents Guide to THIRD-GRADE Reading Retention

The Reading Sufficiency Act supports Oklahoma children in Kindergarten through third grade.  The purpose of  RSA is to ensure that all Oklahoma students are reading on grade level at the end of third grade. RSA begins in Kindergarten to address reading deficiencies as early and quickly as possible so that each student with reading deficiencies has enough time and the correct intervention to prevent reading failure. A major policy change taking effect in the 2013-2014 school year involves the promotion of third-grade . . . read more Feedback


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