McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance


Sand Springs Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all homeless children have equal access to a free and appropriate public education. 

If you have a student or students who attend Sand Springs Public Schools and are living in transitional housing, are living with others, or are homeless, we can offer you support. Let us help connect your family to community resources and aid in removing barriers that can arise. 

For families who are not experiencing homelessness, but are in need of assistance, supports may still be available. Please contact your building counselor or contact Sand Springs Public Schools McKinney-Vento Liaison for more information or assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Our Homeless Coordinator & Liaison
Susan Cox
Phone: (918) 246-1445


Kristin Arnold
Assistant Superintendent
(918) 246-1400

Early Childhood Education

Morgan Douglas
Building Administrator
(918) 246-1570

Angus Valley Elementary

Regan Burnett
School Counselor
(918) 246-2281

Garfield STEAM Academy

Kaelie Wessel
School Counselor
(918) 246-1467

Limestone Technology Academy

Trisha Lawrence
School Counselor
(918) 246-1461

Northwoods Fine Arts Academy

Stephanie McAllister
School Counselor
(918) 246-1457

Pratt Elementary

Mindy Lee
School Counselor
(918) 246-1554

Sixth Grade Center

Holly Thompson
School Counselor
(918) 246-1548

Clyde Boyd Middle School
(7th Grade)

Elaine Holt
School Counselor
(918) 246-2640

Clyde Boyd Middle School
(8th Grade)

Ashley Canterbury
School Counselor
(918) 246-1540

Charles Page Freshman Academy

Jenifer Holland
School Counselor
(918) 246-1442

Charles Page High School
(Last Names A-F)

Kendra Roulet
School Counselor
(918) 246-1484

Charles Page High School
(Last Names G-O)

Megan Elliott
School Counselor
(918) 246-1485

Charles Page High School
(Last Names P-Z)

Michelle Spears
School Counselor
(918) 246-1487

Charles Page High School

Sarah Wright
Special Education Specialist
(918) 246-1486

Sand Springs Virtual Academy

Nancy Ogle
Director of Virtual Learning
(918) 246-1483