Health Services

Lindsey Sinkbeil- RN- District Nurse

Lindsey Sinkbeil, RN

District Nurse

Janell Wright- RN- District Nurse

Janell Wright, RN

District Nurse

Sara Matherly- RN- District Nurse

Sara Matherly, RN

District Nurse

Laura Huffaker- NFAA Health Assistant

Laura Huffaker

Northwoods Health Assistant

Christie Hickman- Limestone Health Assistant

Christine Hickman

Limestone Health Assistant

Debbie O'Neal- Garfield Health Assistant

Debbie O'Neill

Garfield Health Assistant

We would also like to thank those employees who help assist Sand Springs Public Schools Health Services in addition to their other school roles!

PK & Elementary



Early Childhood Education Center

1701 E Park Rd

Janell Wright

6th Grade Center- CBMS

3401 S Magnolia Dr.

Janell Wright

Charles Page High School/ Charles Page Freshman Academy

500 N Adams Rd.

Lindsey Sinkbeil

Angus Valley Elementary

412 W. 55th St.

Sara Matherly

Clyde Boyd Middle School

305 W. 35th St.

Janell Wright

Page Academy

104 W 4th St.

Lindsey Sinkbeil

Garfield STEAM Academy

701 N Roosevelt

Debra O'Neal

Sand Springs Virtual Academy

114 W. 4th St.

Lindsey Sinkbeil

Limestone Technology Academy

4201 Walnut Creek Dr.

Christine Hickman

Northwoods Fine Arts Academy

1691 E Old North Rd.

Laura Huffaker

Pratt Elementary

301 W 35th St.

Sara Matherly