From the Superintendent

Welcome to Sand Springs and to a new school year!

Every new year brings renewed excitement and exhilaration. We have a fantastic community who deeply values our city, our schools, each other, and our children. Our community is a partnership between people who are interested in improvement and making Sand Springs the best it can be. As a school district, we share these values. We are committed to creating an environment that is safe for students and highly conducive for learning. Our children are the most important investment for our future and we are determined to guide them to achieve their greatest potential - EVERY student.

The 2020-21 school year taught us many lessons. We learned it was an absolute must to practice resiliency, patience and flexibility as we navigated a global pandemic. Our team looked for opportunities for growth in the midst of the obstacles COVID-19 presented to all of us. As you are well aware we dealt  with conditions that were unlike any year in the past. Professional growth was right in front of us, allowing our Sandite family to think creatively to provide the best possible instruction for all of our students. Our limits were challenged beyond our imagination with technology, new and different teaching strategies, and practicing grace, which we gave to each other abundantly. In true Sandite fashion, we championed the year with many lessons learned and a myriad of new skills. As we move into the 2021-22 school year, we will adapt to change and  are committed to continual improvement in applying those lessons learned. I am grateful for our Sandite team and am extremely proud of our grit and integrity as we move to the new year with a renewed commitment to our precious students.

Our Virtual Academy will continue operation, providing families with an incredible option with a variety of learning models. Our Virtual Academy Lab AND certified teachers who monitor progress and provide tutoring opportunities, allow for a rich and successful virtual experience. Our lab is open 5 days a week, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, with extended hours on Monday through Thursday to provide a space for students to access help from our certified staff. Students attending our Virtual Academy may participate in extracurricular activities including athletics, fine arts, clubs, prom, graduation, etc.  We are certainly proud of our experience with our Virtual Academy and are confident in our ability to provide a robust program for all students. 

The most exciting news is the upcoming completion of the NEW Angus Valley Gym and storm shelter in June, 2021. It is thrilling to see our Angus Valley students and teachers preparing to occupy the new space. We are thankful for this community in resoundingly passing a bond issue allowing a beautiful facility for our students! 

Be prepared for a truly great experience at Sand Springs Public Schools! GO SANDITES!

Sherry Durkee, Superintendent

Challenge minds. Inspire hearts. Empower a community of learners.

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