Title IX

How to File a Title IX Complaint

Individuals who have been subject to discrimination prohibited under Title IX may file a complaint with the District as well as the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).  If a crime is involved, such as a sexual assault or rape, individuals may also file a report with the local police department.  Individuals may pursue one or all of these avenues at the same time.  Below is a summary of each process.

District Complaint

Individuals may file a complaint as follows:

The complaint should be presented to the Title IX coordinator.  All complaints should be filed in writing and signed by the complainant.  If a complainant is unable to put a complaint in writing due to conditions such as disability or illiteracy, district staff shall assist him/her in the filing of the complaint.  (5 CCR 4600).  Individuals may file a complaint to the Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP) as set forth in Sand Springs Schools district policy FB, FB-E2 and DAA. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator if you have questions.

 Time Requirement:

In order to file a complaint with the District, individuals must file the complaint as discussed above within six months of the discrimination occurring or awareness of the discrimination (5 CCR 4630(b).  If you have any questions about this time limit, or if you believe your complaint may be outside this time requirement but want to explore other options, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

OCR Complaint

For more information regarding filing a complaint with OCR, please click here.

Time Requirement:
OCR requires that the complaint be filed within 180 days after the discrimination. Please contact OCR, or visit the website above, if you have any questions or concerns  about this time requirement.

Police Report

To file a police report, please contact local law enforcement:

Sand Springs Police Department
602 West Morrow Road
Sand Springs, OK 74063
Phone: 918-245-8777

Investigative Procedures

Complaints filed under the district’s complaint procedures will be investigated. The Title IX Coordinator may informally discuss the possibility of mediation with the parties to the complaint.  If the parties do not agree to mediation or mediation does not resolve the complaint, the coordinator will proceed with an investigation of the complaint, which will be completed by the site investigator.  The investigator will interview alleged victims (complainant), alleged offender (responder), and relevant witnesses.  The coordinator may review available records, statements, or notes related to the complaint, including evidence or information received from the parties during the investigation.  The coordinator may visit reasonably accessible locations where discrimination is alleged to have occurred.  During the investigation, schools will offer supportive measures to the complainant.