Community Impact

Ashley's Story

When I came to Page Academy I had just failed my freshman year at another school. I went to school everyday, my attendance was amazing, but I was not mentally or emotionally able to meet the expectations. My grades were a mess, my home life was a mess, my emotions were a mess and my life in general was falling apart. So much so that I was admitted to a mental hospital as an inpatient. I spent almost 2 months there and began to feel hopeful that I could get better.  One of the therapists at the hospital suggested that I was a good candidate for alternative school. While I was discharged back to some of the same circumstances, one thing that really helped me was following my therapists suggestion and enrolling in alternative school at Page Academy.

I was scared when I first enrolled, but I found that the kids here are a lot nicer than the kids I was around in the regular school.     All of the freshmen were in the same class, and we spent the whole day together moving from class to class.  I made friends with some people I would not normally have made friends with.  

Mrs. Purcell was a bit scary for me.  I had never known so much energy and passion could be in such a tiny woman.  I was very quiet at first, but I noticed that another of her students came into class one day and needed help with something and she set out almost immediately to help fix the problem.  That’s when I began to see her fire as more of a heart passion than a scary consuming flame.  I definitely learned a lot.  We read some crazy stories in that class.   All my memories of her class are warm and comforting to me.  

After I warmed up to Page Academy, the school was very exciting to me.  It was completely new and I never really knew I could find such a treasure.  It is like finding a geode rock, it  just looks like an ordinary rock, but when busted open, something new and amazing is on the inside.  

Mrs. Steele will never NOT be funny.  She is just hilarious.  I absolutely love her for that humor.  Every single teacher has helped me become the person I am. 

I am planning to enroll in UCO in the fall for a mortuary science degree.  My dream is within reach.  I don’t think I would have even made plans for my future without Page Academy.  Public school would not have worked for me.  My life is not yet totally together, but it is getting closer and getting there.  I am hopeful and grateful to the administration, teachers, and students at Page Academy for getting me on the path to a better life.