Community Impact

Patrick's Story

My name is Patrick and I am happy to be graduating from Page Academy.  Graduating high school was the first step to realizing my dream of enlisting in the Air Force. 

Thanks to Page Academy, my graduation is now a reality. 

But, this milestone was not always certain in my mind.  Graduation seemed to be a huge hurdle in my life.  When I was at my former high school, I had some horrible experiences.  I had been set on fire, jumped, and physically attacked.  It was hard to get anyone to help me or notice the problems I was having.  I was always having to look over my shoulders and worry about the next thing that could happen.  The environment I was around was reflected in my grades--I was a straight F student.  I barely managed to get 12 credits.  That high school experience seemed more like a prison experience, and while my dream of graduating and joining the Air Force was still alive, it was questionable at times whether or not I was going to make it. 

So my family moved to Sand Springs and I was referred to the alternative school. 

This was the best thing that could have happened for me. 

When I first met with the principal, I was a bit nervous.  I had never had to have an interview in order to get into school.  The interview was a bit nerve-wracking, especially since my mom and her fiancé were there with me.  Their presence added pressure because I was afraid they might embarrass me, you know how parents can be. I can remember one of the main thoughts I kept having was “I hope that the people are nice”  I had heard about Page, so I was not necessarily expecting the best.    

The first teacher I met was Ms. Steele.  She was very helpful to me throughout the year.  She explained math to me in such a way that I could understand it and do it.  Having Ms. Steele for my homeroom teacher was very relaxing.  She helped me stay on track with my credits and has helped keep me on track with my online classes.  She continually checks up on me making sure that my classes are all going ok.  I’ve had a couple of bad days, and she would understand, work around that and help me.  Not a lot of people would be able to do that.  Thank you Ms. Steele for being so kind and understanding.  

The environment at Page is peaceful.  Teachers care and help you. 

The atmosphere is respectful with little drama and that helps me focus.  It probably took me a little while to step out of my comfort zone and start talking to people.  After about the first month, I began to feel that this was the place for me.   I’ve met some good friends here.  The students are very chill, accepting, non-judgemental, and will help out when they can.   I no longer had to look over my shoulder and my dream of graduating was now coming into a clearer view.  

I love the teachers at Page.

Ms. Holland is such a great teacher.  She makes math really easy.  It is just so much easier than the way my previous teachers tried to explain math.  She has a way of making it seem less foreign.  I can’t say exactly how she does it, but for me, she made it come together in a logical way.

Ms. Purcell is a very funny teacher and always has either a funny or good story to tell in class.  She makes me feel comfortable as if I were at home.  She is a laid back teacher, who really doesn’t have to get on to us.  She makes her expectations individual to each student and holds us accountable. 

US Air force, here I come.