Community Impact

Delvin's Story

I started my junior year at Charles Page High School.  It was my first year in Oklahoma and it was difficult for me to make friends.  There were way too many students and I felt that I wasn’t able to get my voice out and ask for help.  I did not feel welcome there.  I felt lost in the sea of students.  Even though the school I came from in Washington was about the same size, I knew everyone there and I felt more comfortable.  

Charles Page was difficult and I had to get my classes switched a bunch of times, but I did get through that junior year.  I even had to go to summer school because I needed an extra science and to finish my 9th grade English class. 

I knew there was an alternative school and I thought that might be a better option for me, so that I could get the help I needed and get my diploma. I asked my counselor about it and she agreed that it would be the better option and after talking to my dad, I enrolled at Page for my senior year. 

Page Academy was different but in a really good way. 

It took me a while to make friends, but I was much more comfortable than at the high school.  My teachers have all pushed me past my limits and have given me the confidence to do well.  

Ms. Purcell got me back into reading a lot more.  She had us reading so much in class that I kinda got sucked into it.  It made me read a lot more on my own.  Ms Steele is really welcoming and she always has a positive opinion about things.  She has a real genuine way of making you feel welcome in her class.  I learned a lot of important things that should be taught in school, like how to do taxes, how to fill out leases for houses, how to buy a car, how to read a paycheck, and other important stuff for a job in the real world of work. 

Mr. Willis gave me a really hard time sometimes, but he was always there for me and encouraged me to push through.  He has a good rapport with all his students and makes science fun.  

So I really want to say thank you to all my teachers for helping me get through high school and encouraging me to do great.

One of my favorite memories of Page would be the camping trip from Long Walk.  Even though it was hard, it was worth it.  I loved getting out of Oklahoma for the weekend and going up in the mountains and doing something different.  The first day was hard because not everyone worked together, but by the second day, everyone was coming together, communicating better, and helping each other out.  We learned a lot about each other and it that setting, we were all friends and getting along. 

This experience changed the way I look at and approach certain things.

It taught me about judging people and how to look at situations in different ways.  It also taught me not to rush into things quickly, but to take time and figure things out.  It is definitely worth the effort to do.  I hope it continues to happen every year at Page.  It could change a lot of students for the better. 

So I would like to encourage my fellow students to always keep your head up and keep pressing on, even though things can get tough at times.

There will always be a positive outcome if you look for it.