Can Page help if I've fallen behind in class credits or even dropped out of High School?

Yes, we can! Page is designed for traditional student needs, we also specialize in Credit-Recovery offerings and Dropout-Recovery services.

How long is the school day?

Our school day begins at 8:30 and ends at 1:00.

Is it possible for a student who has fallen behind to graduate on time?

Absolutely. our unique program allows students to work at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for them to achieve their graduation goal. Many students who struggled in the public high school system excel at Page and graduate on time or ahead of schedule.

How many graduates graduate from your school?

We typically graduate between 20-30 students per year.

What is the enrollment process?

An intake committee will review the application and make recommendations for further actions. These recommendations could include to remain in current placement, refer to virtual academy, immediate referral to Page Academy, or student may be placed back on the waiting list.

● The intake committee is composed of the referring school counselors and administrators, special education representative, alternative education representative, alternative school coordinator and others as appropriate.

● When it is in the student’s best interest, a direct referral may be made for a screening. This is most appropriate when new students enroll at the sending school and are deficient in school credits or are in need of alternative placement as determined by the school counselor.

● All records should be complete and available for review. This includes grades, IEP or 504 records, attendance, discipline, and education evaluations.

● Any student on an IEP will be required to have a change of placement meeting prior to enrollment. They will be allowed to complete the screening process, but a placement decision will be made by the IEP team.

● Students referred to Page will be administered assessments in math, reading, and vocational interests prior to admission.

● For those students recommended by the committee for further action, an intake interview will be scheduled with the student and the parent or guardian. The intake assessment will gather general information, social history, education history, academic and vocational plans, at-risk criteria, and student support options. If it is determined that Page would be an appropriate placement, a second interview will be scheduled to review the graduation plan and provide a student/guardian orientation.