Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

Every student succeeds.

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Mission Statement

Page Academy was established on the premise that all students can learn and succeed when provided an educational environment that meets their individual needs and interests. Because the traditional school setting is not appropriate for all students, Page Academy strives to create a place in which students may experience academic and personal success.  We especially serve those learners that are at risk of failing to meet state graduation requirements. We strive to meet the unique educational, social, and emotional needs of our diverse student population in a safe, nurturing and family-like environment. We provide individualized instructional methods that accommodate each student’s personal circumstances without compromising high standards of academics, attendance, and behavior.

Focus Statement

Page’s core instruction focuses on real-life, authentic learning and assessment. Students will be engaged in exploring their interests and developing projects that align with their interests. Student voice and choice are important to the staff as well as providing relevant, real life application of education. Students are encouraged to collaborate with each other, explore their interests, use technology, and expand their minds and ideas.

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Core Values

As a whole community, Page Academy believes that:

  • Continuous collaboration and dialogue between stakeholders will promote high achievement and academic success

  • Each student is unique and possesses individual characteristics and learning abilities that must be challenged in order to promote continued achievement,

  • Accountability and integrity are the key components to nurturing a positive school climate for learning,

  • Community service is an important part of the learning and growth of all students,

  • A student's character can be enhanced by promoting respect, responsibility, initiative and honesty,

  • Students must be given choices to encourage a sense of pride, belonging, wisdom and strength to become lifelong learners,

  • Communication between stakeholders fosters safe, caring, and respectful relationships which are critical to the accomplishments of every student.

Page Academy Goals

  • Students will graduate with their cohort.  

  • Students will participate in developing their own graduation plans.

  • Students will be equipped to continue their education post-high school.  

  • Students will participate in service-learning activities.  

  • Students will increase proficiency in ELA and math. 

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