Natalie's Story

Before I came to Page Academy I was attending classes at the high school for the beginning of my eleventh grade year. During the first month of this year I went inpatient at Parkside after basically reaching the breaking point of my mental health that made focusing or even coming to school close to impossible. After being hospitalized for almost 2 months, I returned to the high school and it was horrible--a time of confusion, heartbreak and adjustment issues to my new medication.

I felt like the high school was a metaphorical "hell" for me. I had no friends. They had forgotten about me My grades plummeted, and I was almost sent back to inpatient therapy. I thought the hospital would be better than the place I was stuck in life. But then, I went to Page.

My first day was terrifying. I had heard so many horror stories, but actually being there was basically "heaven sent". As the days passed, I didn't feel so alone and for once began to not be terrified at going to school. I couldn't wait to come back each day. I was calmer and I finally opened up and started looking at the school as a safe place or second home. I'm so happy to have attended school there. I think if I had not gone to Page I would have gone insane or been dead.