Foster Care Assistance

Foster Care Child Liaison (POC)

The Sand Springs Public School District will assign at least one person to serve as a Foster Care Child Liaison, or Point of Contact (POC). The name of this person will be given annually to the Oklahoma State Department of Education through the online Grants Management System by September 30th of each year.  If additional staff members are needed to meet the requirements, the district will make assignments as deemed necessary. The Foster Child Liaison will work in the best interest of the child to ensure that all educational requirements are being met. The liaison that is assigned to the position will have access to available training and materials to keep them informed of any changes in the Foster Care Regulations. 

The liaison will work closely with state and tribal child welfare agencies in the following capacities:

• Coordinating with the corresponding child welfare agency, 

• Leading the development of a process for making the best interest determination,

• Documenting the best interest determination,

• Facilitating the transfer of records and immediate enrollment,

• Facilitating data sharing with the child welfare agencies, consistent with FERPA and other privacy protocols,

• Developing and coordinating local transportation procedures,

• Managing best interest determinations and transportation cost disputes,

• Ensuring that children in foster care are enrolled in and regularly attending school, and

• Providing professional development and training to school staff on the Title I provisions and educational needs of children in foster care.