Mike Frizell, Laura Hamilton, Michele Smith, and Sherry Durkee hold a check for $2,000

This morning, Mike Frizell with Keystone Chevrolet presented a donation of $2,000 to Northwoods Fine Arts Academy. Principal Laura Hamilton says donated funds will go toward replacing playground equipment such as tetherballs, soccer balls, etc. Keystone Chevrolet also provided breakfast for the staff at Northwoods!

This is not Keystone Chevrolet's first donation to Northwoods. During the historic flooding of 2019, the dealership needed to evacuate their auto inventory. Principal Hamilton offered to keep the vehicles at the elementary school, away from potential rising waters. Later that year, Keystone Chevrolet donated to the school as a token of appreciation.

Sand Springs Public Schools is extremely grateful for this community partnership. Thank you to Keystone Chevrolet for their continued generosity!